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What is an example of a top mutual fund?
To provide one example, we'll take a look at the very popular top-performing mutual fund, run by Ken Heebner, the manager of the CGM Focus Fund (symbol:  CGMFX).

In 2007, Heebner earned the distinction of being the #1 U.S. Mutual Fund performer for growth of his fund.

The following provides a brief overview of that fund, as of its latest quarter, and some of his top stocks within the fund:

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  MUTUAL FUND ::  Ken Heebner - CGM Focus Fund:
Portfolio - Key Facts:
As of date: June 30, 2009

Proper name of fund:

Trading symbol: CGMFX
Management Fees: 0.91 %
Distribution (12b-1) Fees: 0.0 %
Other Expenses: 0.45 %
Total Fund Operating Expenses: 1.36 %
# of Stocks in Portfolio: 78

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Portfolio Value: $ 6.11 billion
# of New Buys: 34
# of New Sells: 46
About The Portfolio Manager: Ken Heebner
Ken Heebner has been the portfolio manager
of the CGM Focus Fund since its inception in 1997.

In 1990, Mr. Heebner founded CGM with Mr. Robert L.
Kemp. Prior to establishing CGM, Mr. Heebner managed mutual fund portfolios at Loomis, Sayles & Company, Incorporated. In addition to the Fund, he currently manages other mutual funds and accounts for which CGM serves as adviser. CGM relies to a considerable extent on the expertise of Mr. Heebner, who may be difficult to replace in the event he ceases to work for CGM.

Excerpt from prospectus/fund overview: The Fundís prospectus currently provides that, under certain circumstances, the Fund may invest up to a total of 70% of its assets in the crude petroleum and natural gas industry and the petroleum refining industry.  The Fund currently does not concentrate, and does not currently intend to concentrate, more than 25% of its assets in any single industry. Effective immediately, the Fund has adopted an operating policy restricting the Fund from concentrating in any one industry, except as may be permitted from time to time under applicable regulatory authority. Accordingly, the Fund will not invest more than 25% of its assets in either the crude petroleum and natural gas industry or the petroleum refining industry.

The Fundís investment objective is long-term growth of capital.
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